Governor Andy Beshear unveils school re-opening guidelines

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- After an unusual end to the 2020 school year, parents and students in the commonwealth are wondering what’s going to happen this fall.

To answer some of those questions, Governor Andy Beshear recently unveiled guidelines for school re-opening, which include students and faculty wearing masks, in addition to enforcing social distancing by rearranging classroom desks and changing arrival and dismissal times.

“We will be sending our kiddos back whenever the districts decide what date they’re starting back. We feel comfortable with that,” said Bowling Green parent McCall Allen.

“For my family, I think it’s going to look like going back to those in person classes. I have everything from a kindergartner to a seventh grader. I think that our role as parents is really to help influence positively how they feel about those guidelines,” added another Bowling Green parent Jessica Byers.

School districts have the freedom to be flexible with the guidelines depending on the circumstances. District officials from school districts like Metcalfe County said these guidelines have been beneficial in forming a plan.

“It’s still murky and difficult to try to come to grips with how we’re going to get everybody back and in what capacity and limits. At least we have clarity now with what the dynamics are going to be, and we’re appreciative of that,” said incoming Metcalfe County Superintendent Josh Hurt.

Some local districts are now conducting electronic surveys to get feedback from parents on what they’d like to see, further reassuring moms and dads that the students will be healthy and safe as they continue their education and return to some form of normal.

“School just provides such a foundation for kids to love to learn, for kids to realize that there is an order the day. I think most kids thrive in structure. For my family, that’s going to be the best fit,” Byers said.

The Kentucky Department of Education is also seeking feedback from educators around the state to find out what they believe is needed as far as restarting classes this fall. Here is the link.