Goodwood Brewing lands in Bowling Green?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky – Goodwood Brewing’s sixth location is coming to Bowling Green in late 2023.

It’s a new eatery, brewery and outdoor hang out all in one that soon will be in Fountain Row. Downtown Development Coordinator Telia  Butler, told News 40 that the restaurant has been a topic of discussion for the past couple of years, with the owners aiding in the plan for Bowling Green’s entertainment district.

Butler also mentioned that the owners are alums of Western Kentucky University, so this was like a “homecoming for them”. They also landed an interesting location, being just across the street from News 40 on state street. It’ll be taking up residence in the adjoining building to the Armory Loft Apartments where luckily there is already turf.

Butler said with food, alcohol and outdoor space, this should be a great thing for Bowling Green and the city is “excited to see what they do with it.”