Goodbye gender barriers; BG car wholesaler all women-lead

America's Auto Auction Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – America’s Auto Auction Bowling Green is unintentionally breaking gender barriers.

While many men work in their fleet and sales departments, it just so happens their lot operations manager, office manager, controller, logistics manager and regional vice president are occupied by women.

General manager Karol Kirby Ahmed’s auctioneer family got her into the industry, but her love of cars made this the Auto Auction her passion.

“There is something about the energy of the vehicle, and every week it’s the same thing but different,” she said. “The dealers, the crowd, all the different dynamics make it really, to me, a lot of fun.”

While Ahmed is proud of their women-lead branch, she says gender has never been a priority. She just wants to see Auto Auction filled with hard workers and team players.

“I’m crazy about the staff here. Everybody has been hands-on…. Everybody gives it their all. They jump in, they work hard, and it’s a very cohesive team.”

Branch operations manager Trish Allen says the dynamic wasn’t always this way over her four years here.

“I think it really is great to follow leadership that is primarily female,” Allen said. “Almost all of the staff with the exception of Carol started out in a male role. So, that has all recently changed at our location.”

It’s a change that Allen would love to see more of.

“It’s really interesting in my line of work when people walk into my private office that’s separated from everyone else… and they realize, ‘Oh, it’s a girl,'” Allen said. “In operations, there are very few females in my particular department.”

To young women considering a job around cars or any other male-dominated field, Kirby Ahmed leaves these words of wisdom.

“If you enjoy something, keep doing it. It doesn’t matter that there may be barriers or people who say that you can’t do that. If you enjoy doing it, do it.”