Glasgow Middle School students learn coding

GLASGOW, Ky. – Glasgow Middle School is one of the only middle schools in the area to teach students how to properly code at such a young age.

“Coding is a process in which you take ones and zeros, which the computer can understand and turn it into a language in which the user can understand. By using this language, you can build many different things,” said Glasgow Middle School student Brad Mahung.

Brad is just one of the many students who are gaining valuable skills through the coding class at Glasgow Middle School.

“The main thing we teach in computer science and coding is problem solving. So we go about that a lot of different ways, but at the end of the day we are approaching problems and trying to find solutions to them and reflect on our process and try to improve,” said Glasgow Middle School coding teacher David Vance.

Vance says no matter what career they choose, problem solving will always be a skill they use.

“I think everyone in the community and school system is aware that times are changing, and technology is becoming a more important part of our lives. We wanted to make sure our students needed to be valuable in the work place with these new skills,” added Vance.

Brad said he is grateful to learn these skills at such a young age.

“It feels great to have these opportunities. With the help of Mrs. Murphy, all my teachers, and everyone in the school board administration, they have opened many different career paths for students here at Glasgow. Coding is one that can be used in a variety of ways in this 21st century,” said Brad.

“For our students this is the future of what they will do regardless of what job they have growing up. They will have to use coding in some manner,” said Glasgow High School principal, Regina Murphy.

Brad wants to become an aerospace engineer when he grows up. He says these skills give him an early advantage.