Glasgow library holds session about working dogs alongside Glasgow Police Department

GLASGOW, Ky. – Service dogs and K-9’s are really adorable, but they are working animals, not pets.

Tuesday night at Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Public Library in Glasgow, Glasgow Police K-9 Joe came to visit and his handler spoke about working dogs.

They spoke with the public about dogs that work.

These working dogs do several different tasks including police K-9’s that apprehend and detect odors as well as service dogs who do all kinds of things like detect seizures, allergens, low blood sugar and even guide people who are blind.

Service dogs are protected under federal law and are expected to be treated as medical equipment.

According to, members of the public who see a service animal out and about should never pet the dog, speak to the dog or feed the animal.

The animal is working, and a distraction could stop the animal from completing its tasks, which could have deadly consequences.

The website also says if a service dog ever approaches you without it’s owner, it is likely seeking help.

Follow the animal. It will lead you to its owner in distress. Of course, call 9-1-1 immediately if needed.