Glasgow High School students learn to design simple machines

GLASGOW Ky.-Sophomores, juniors, and seniors of Glasgow High School enrolled in engineering courses had a chance to take their hard work for a spin, with simple machines.

Simple machines are devices that are designed using different base tools, including wheels and axels, pulleys, and screws. Pre-engineering teacher J.R. Dakin said the students love the hands-on learning.

“The students get excited about doing things with their hands. It becomes kind of monotonous just sitting in a classroom all the time. My kids come in, and I don’t have to say a word. They’re enthusiastic,” Dakin said.

The goal is to apply various amounts of pressure to see how much the devices can lift, similar to a scale. The measurements are documented so adjustments can be made.

“The ultimate goal is just to figure out how it’s working, and how you can make it easier for it to lift,” said sophomore Luke Allen.

The students are taught how to work fast and efficient, with the devices being made in a matter of hours

Students say the hands-on aspect is what made them want to get connected in this program.

“It really gives you a visual, and you get to actually see it in action and build it yourself. You get to figure out how exactly it works. That’s really cool,” said sophomore Katie Lester.

It also gives the added satisfaction of a successful product.

“It makes me feel really good. I’ve spent a lot of time on it. I’m glad it’s turned out how it is,” Lester said.