Girl power on the field! BGISD’s first girl in football

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – It’s a male dominated sport but young Tori Hughes doesn’t care.

Starting for Bowling Green Independent Junior High’s football team as a center, she’s the first girl in the district’s history and has been working on her love for the game for over a year. She started playing in 7th grade and has been keeping up with boys ever since. News 40 swung by the Bowling Green Bullies travel team practice to catch up with Tori and her mom, Precious Williams.

While Tori’s brother was practicing with the rest of his team, Tori told News 40 she’s been sports pretty much her whole life and wanted to try something new. Williams said she was reluctant to let her play but ultimately, she let everyone sway her.

Williams said “I tell them all the time they can do whatever they want, I don’t want to take anyone’s dreams away” and that she’s her kids’ biggest supporter at all times regardless of what they’re doing.

Williams acknowledged “yeah she’s a girl but I don’t want her treated any differently. Of course she has to change in a different locker room and stuff but other than that, she gets out there and plays with the boys just like anyone else.”

Tori also helps out with her little brother’s travel team practices, and president of the Bowling Green Bullies told News 40 that Tori has been a big impact on there program. Coach Tyler Kelley said “we use this program to kind of mentor the kids too so she’s been great at showing them that this is more than football, the camaraderie is important too.”