From prison to published author: local man helps others to sobriety

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Local man Tremayne Stewart is a published author and a productive man of society. 

You would never guess he has served three prison sentences. 

He grew up in Logan County…his life took a turn for the worse when he turned 17. 

“I jumped headfirst into the streets, selling drugs,” said Stewart.

He sold drugs until he was 20 years old. 

“I went to prison for the first time. While I was in prison, my daughter was born. When I came home she was three and a half. I was gone for four years,” said Stewart. 

Stewart would repeat the cycle…he went back to the street, then back to prison two more times. After spending 11 years in federal prison on his third trip, life gave him a sign he needed to change. 

“My uncle was murdered over a dice game, and then 45 days later my mother died. When my mother died, I knew God was trying to get my attention,” said Stewart. 

With the help of his probation officer, Stewart enlisted in the Men’s Addiction Recovery Center (MARC) in Bowling Green. 

He not only completed the program but was an inspiration to others along the way. 

“He was one of those guys who got it. So he was one of the guys I decided to grab onto and look up to. His story inspired me…if he could do it, I could do it,” said MARC graduate Nathaniel Joiner. 

Fast forward to today, Stewart is the author of his self-published book, From Darkness to Light, and the program coordinator for Freedom Bridge to Recovery…where he helps others on their path to sobriety. 

“Tremayne is the program. The more bad experiences you’ve had, the better your influence with people in addiction. Because they want someone, people in addiction, if you haven’t been there and done it, they don’t trust ya,” said Stewart’s boss Dr. Barry Hardison. 

“I think God allowed me to go through everything that I went through so I would be pretty good at what it is that I do for people. I wanna see people change their lives,” said Stewart.