Friends of Army Aviation offering rides in a UH-1H Huey Helicopter over the weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Friends of Army Aviation is offering rides in a UH-1H Huey Helicopter for locals to enjoy over the weekend.

If you like heights and enjoy history, this is the  weekend for you.

The Friends of Army Aviation rides took off into the sky on Friday continuing on through Sunday in connection with the 2021 Aviation Heritage Park’s Hanger Party hosted at the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport on Saturday.

And, in case you were curious, they do fly with their doors open.

The Friends of Army Aviation group is a non-profit organization run by volunteers.

News 40’s Chris Bratton and Krista Garrison took a ride on the helicopter and said the ride was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before.

The pilot for News 40’s flight was retired Lieutenant Colonel John “Doc” Holladay, a veteran who flew Huey’s in Vietnam.

“It is the ride of a lifetime. And it, again, it’s a piece of history. People who are history buffs want to know what the Vietnam War was like, what it was like flying around in the aircraft. That was the only transportation they had in country. If you’ve been to Vietnam, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the way you got around,” said Holladay.

One rider explained that he really enjoyed seeing and riding in different aircrafts because his father was a veteran.

“I just always thought that it was a neat helicopter because of the noise it made and what it’s capabilities and limitations were,” said local resident Jim Duff.

The adventure is exciting and is brings a little piece of history to Bowling Green.

If you would like a ride, you can sign up online or at the event at 2 p.m. Saturday or Sunday.

Tickets are $75 per rider.