Franklin Police to have eyes in the sky

FRANKLIN, Ky. – A local police department announced a new piece of equipment Friday morning.

Franklin police department now has a drone, and with it, a licensed unmanned aircraft pilot.

Flying a commercial drone requires a license to fly.

The department plans to use the drone to help whenever necessary.

Around the country, drones have been used to find missing persons and escaped fugitives as well as reconstruct collisions.

The funding for the drone was not through any taxpayer money.

“Whenever we seize money at the end of a drug case, if somebody is convicted of selling narcotics, or cash is seized in the commission of a narcotic type crime, then we seize that money and at the end of that case it may be awarded to the police department so we have a fund that that money sits in and so we used some of that money to purchase the drone,” said Lt. Dale Adams, Franklin Police Department.

So far, the drone has only been used as training and testing and has yet to hit the sky for duty.