Fourth of July peachy at Jackson’s Orchard

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Jackson’s Orchard is a popular spot for all types of produce, but one fruit is getting all the attention on Independence Day, peaches.

The Peach Tastin’ Festival is a day dedicated to peaches and what can be made with them. It’s held on July 4 due to Red Haven peaches being ripe this time of year.

Orchard employee Christian Currans explained how the event got its start.

“We wanted people to be really interested in the peaches that we sell, and we had a lot of reoccurring customers. People were wondering if they could taste a lot of the stuff at the orchard, so we figured well, let’s throw a festival so people can taste our great products,” Currans said.

In addition to getting peaches, visitors can also take free samples of other peach made treats, like ice cream and peach salsa.

“I love fresh peach ice cream and the atmosphere that Jackson’s has. I love being out here,” said shopper Cori Hayes from Forestburg, Texas.

With a big turnout, Currans said meeting new people, especially those visiting Bowling Green is the best part of the festival.

“I love talking to people and hearing their stories and hearing people from New York come in or hearing people from Canada come in. Different countries, different states, everyone’s got a different story and here at the orchard, we love to hear people’s stories and make connections,” Currans said.