Fountain Row looks to extend operational days

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The city has wanted this for a long time according to the Downtown Development Coordinator, Telia Butler.

In her interview with News 40, Butler told us that in following suit with other entertainment districts in the state, Fountain Row will soon be operational Sunday to Thursday as well. Adding these extra days is something that bars and restaurants have wanted but also joining the Fountain Row community are two retail stories she said.

In the coming weeks, Vette City Vintage and Bizzi B Boutique would also like to get on the fun and allow alcohol to flow through their doors as well. Owner of Vette City Gatlin Milam said he won’t be selling alcohol but is looking to obtain licensing to allow customers to come in with their drinks hoping to increase business. Bizzi B Boutique, which used to be the home of Bliss Ave Brewery, conveniently has a beer tap mounted on the wall.

The boutique is already in the process of obtaining licensing to serve wine, beer and mimosas when the time comes.