Former LMPD officer responds to backlash surrounding local GOP event

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The officer involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor is responding to recent outrage after he spoke to a Bowling Green Republican Women’s club last week.

Jonathan Mattingly was invited to speak to the club at Anna’s Greek Restaurant. Restaurant goers say they were subjected to hearing Mattingly’s presentation, which some say included video footage of Taylor’s death. Mattingly has stated that the presentation did not include video of her death, but instead showed other officers tending to his injuries after he was shot during the raid. He also said the video included the sound of gunshots fired during a protest in Louisville days after her death.

The NAACP has launched an investigation into the controversial event. President Ryan Dearbone says he was told by people who were at the restaurant that night  that the video played during Mattingly’s presentation created an uncomfortable situation. The NAACP says they are “profoundly dismayed and outraged” that the event took place at Anna’s Greek Restaurant.

“This is not about politics this is not about tying to stick it to one group or one organization or the restaurant this is about humane decency. The fact that people were in a restaurant trying to enjoy themselves and they were subjected to graphic audio and graphic video of a killing of Breonna Taylor that they didn’t ask for that they were not aware of and that in my estimation should not have happened in a public space.”

Dearbone says the investigation is about accountability for all involved and getting concrete answers on the sequence of events..

The Republican Women’s Club dinner event originally included gubernatorial candidate and Agricultural Commissioner Ryan Quarles and was scheduled to take place at Bowling Green Country Club. After backlash from protesters, Quarles rescheduled his appearance and the Bowling Green Country Club cancelled the event.

Event organizers say they then moved the event with Mattingly to Anna’s Greek Restaurant.

News 40 reached out to the owners of Anna’s Greek Restaurant. The owners have yet to release a public statement regarding the event. The Republican Women’s Club of South Central Kentucky  released a statement last week that states “These events may be controversial, however we believe Sergeant Mattingly has the right to share his experience.” They also stated that, “other individuals with first hand experience relating to this case are welcome to request an opportunity to speak to our organization as well.”