Former FBI Detective Speaks to Local College Students

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) It’s not every day that you meet a former detective who’s interviewed serial killers, but some lucky Daymar College students got that chance Tuesday. Retired Detective John Chisari, a member of the original behavioral analysis unit of the FBI, spoke to criminal justice students at Daymar about his experiences with high-profile murder cases. Chisari interviewed Ted Bundy and Aileen Wournous, both serial killers and executed on death row, during his career on the Orlando, Florida Police Force. His goal with his speech was to help students find the skills needed to profile and interview serial killers.

"I tried to use my interrogation skills, and that’s the most important part with these people. You can’t try to get over on them or bully them. You got to try to get into their head and let them learn about you and then they’ll take over. Once they take over they’ll tell you anything you want to know. It’s just a game really that you play with these people," says retired FBI detective John Chisari.