Flu cases widespread in Kentucky

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- It’s already been a bad flu season in the Bluegrass State. As of last Friday, 1,457 cases of the flu have been reported.

While some areas of the state have been hit particularly hard, Bowling Green has been fairly tame, according to Doctor Gregg Nicks from the Graves Gilbert Clinic.

Nicks said the flu started hitting around Christmas time, and continued into March. Flu cases have picked up over the past few weeks, but they have not been as severe as last year.

Nicks emphasizes the urgency of getting the flu shot, in addition to offering this advice.

“Lot’s of fluids, rest, and there are some anti-viral medications out there that if you can get it started within the first 48 hours, it does speed up the recovery of the flu. The main thing is to prevent the flu from occurring in the first place, so it’s important to get your flu vaccine, so it doesn’t spread,” said Nicks.

Last year, flu cases caused more than 300 deaths in Kentucky. The virus is not something to ignore, and medical professionals recommend getting the flu shot as soon as possible.