Fiscal Court can’t agree with Republic, chooses Scott for city waste collection

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Tensions over who will be the new city trash collector has come to a head. 

“Today’s reflection depicts what’s in the best interest of the citizens of Warren County,” said Sixth District Magistrate Ron Cummings. 

The Warren County Fiscal Court had voted for Republic to be the new trash collector for the city of Bowling Green on June 24. 

Scott Waste had been the trash collector for Bowling Green for the last 24 years. When they heard they lost the bid, they gave 30 day notice that they would be stopping services effective July 31 to allocate their resources to the other areas they service. 

Republic was scheduled to begin service August 31.

However, the county and Republic were unable to reach a contract agreement. 

“We could not come to terms and we could not go 30 days without trash service in Warren County so we made the lesser of two evils decision,” said Cummings. 

Today, the Solid Waste Committee brought a proposal to Fiscal Court to have Scott Waste Services become the city’s trash contractor again. The court voted yes with the exception of Cummings. 

“It was really in the public’s best interest, given that we were not able to reach terms with Republic, to pursue negotiations with Scott who has been operating in the city and the county and is qualified but we felt it was in the public’s best interest at this point to pursue this course of action,” said the committee’s legal counsel Shawn Alcott. 

They will begin negotiations and sign the contract in the coming days. 

“One thing you can say about Scott is that they’ve been here for 24 years. And they’ve been our franchise for 24 years so there is some comfort in knowing that they know this type of work. They also understand the disappointment areas they have not done correctly. Now it’s on them,” said Cummings. 

The contract with Scott is $19.37 per month for residents, a bit less than Republic would have been at $20.75 per month.