First public driving range opens in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Golf Course at Riverview first opened in 1969, but in the 50 years it’s existed, it’s lacked one thing – a public driving range.

That changed on Tuesday.

The Hobson Grove Driving Range opened for business, marking the first public driving range in Bowling Green.

“We’ve definitely needed it, the people that play golf,” said Joe Grinstead, a local golfer. “We’ve really been waiting for it for awhile.”

The wait started in March when plans for the construction of the driving range were approved, but now golfers just like Grinstead won’t have to wait anymore to practice their game.

“We really feel like this is not just the first day of opening, but it’s just the first day of golfers using us on a regular basis,” added Brent Belcher, director of Bowling Green Parks and Rec.

The range is 350 yards long and features 22 tee boxes for golfers to use.

Many locals stopped by to test out the range for the first time.

“It’s awesome,” Grinstead said. “It’s really nice. The hitting surface is really good. The overall layout is nice. It’s easy to get the balls. I really enjoy it.”

Regardless of your skill level being up to par or not, the range is open to golfers of all ages who are either looking to improve their swing or find their newfound passion for the game of golf.

“The great thing about the range is you don’t have to be an expert golfer to be on the range,” said Belcher. “You can be a first time golfer. Great place to learn golf, too. Once again, fits it to our core values of introducing sport and introducing a lifelong sport like golf.”

It’s cheap to use, too.

A small bucket of 35 golf balls costs $4. A large bucket of 70 golf balls costs $7.

“I would expect a lot of people to use it,” Grinstead said. “Not just people that play golf a lot, but college kids and people in the community.”

After just one visit, Grinstead thinks the range will be a hole-in-one with anyone who uses it.

“I think it will really thrive,” he added.

The driving range is open from 8 a.m. to sunset on weekdays, and 7:30 a.m. to sunset on weekends.