First case of monkeypox confirmed at WKU

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A case of monkeypox has been detected on Western Kentucky University’s campus.

At WKU, one student is currently in quarantine under the supervision of the public health department.

Being that the monkeypox disease is not seen as threatening in comparison to COVID, Western’s administration is stepping aside on this particular case.

“We did have on positive case of monkeypox identified on campus and we have really been working with the public health department and allowing the public health department to kind of manage that case,” said Jace Lux, director of media relations at WKU.

David Oliver, an environmental health and safety emergency manager at WKU, added, “I think that just individuals going to class and conducting their daily business at the university, we don’t see that there’s very much of a risk at all of a spread in classrooms and other settings.”