Father of missing Logan County girl speaks out

RUSSELVILLE, Ky.- It’s been six days since a mother and her 3-year old daughter have gone missing in Logan County. On Wednesday, the girl’s  father is spoke out for the first time, begging to be reunited with his family.

The last time Daniel Otero says he saw his daughter, Amya Otero, was on April 26th. A little over a month later he is still waiting to be reunited with the girl.

A heated custody battle was underway when 32-year old Amanda Otero disappeared with Amya. Daniel recalls the last conversation with his wife before she went missing.

“I said if you’re not willing to cooperate with that then we have to go the court route. She said you’re not taking my baby, if you try, I’ll f-ing kill you,” said Daniel Otero.

Amanda failed to appear at an emergency custody hearing at the Logan County Circuit Court on May 30th.

“I hadn’t seen my daughter in like a month and that time. Now mind you this is before the hearing.  She said you can if you drop the court proceedings,” said Otero.

Getting emotional, Daniel says that the longer his wife is gone the more he fears for his daughter’s wellbeing.

“In the past I would have said no Amanda is not an immediate or direct to our baby, but because of the company she might be in and people I don’t know, that is why my primary concern is with my daughter’s wellbeing,” said Otero.

Despite all that has happened, Daniel says he doesn’t want to separate his daughter from her mother. He offers this message to Amanda:

“No one is attacking you or trying to take our daughter away from you. All this is about is re-access to her, because as of April 25, 2019 I have not seen my baby’s face or heard her voice,” said Otero.

Daniel has officially been granted emergency custody of his daughter through the Logan County Court. He has also filed for a divorce.