Fastest mile driven in reverse completed at NCM Motorsports Park

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Many people come to Bowling Green to visit the National Corvette Museum and take a spin in a Corvette around the NCM Motorsports Track, but have you ever seen anyone drive it backwards?

Scot Burner had just that idea in mind when he began working with the Guinness Book of World Records to try and capture the title of “Fastest Mile Driven In Reverse.”

But not just any mile would work, according to Burner. The Guinness Book of World Records has strict guidelines each contender must follow. For Instance, Burner had to certify that the Corvette was stock and not modified, the track was flat and a professional timer was present, just to name a few.

After all requirements were met, Burner could hit the gas!

“I went backwards up the front straight-a-way and after that it was simple, just drive fast. So on the first run I purposely beat the record, just in case the car broke. On the second run, I went through a whole quart of oil in a mile. That’s why all that smoke was coming out and the engine didn’t appreciate that,” said Burner.

Maybe not, but it worked! Burner crushed the previous record of 97.02 seconds set back in 2012 by over 20 seconds at 75.18 seconds!

As for what’s next for Burner? He says he has been flipping through the pages of the Guinness Book of World Records and has his eye on a few more challenges. To keep up with what he has coming next, check out his YouTube channel, Always In Reverse.