Farm to School Month event kicks off at Need More Acres Farm

SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. – At Need More Acres Farm, Bowling Green Independent School District elementary school students are getting a look at where their food comes from.

With October being “National Farm to School” month, events are going on all across the country to promote local farming and food education. To celebrate, BGISD is taking their elementary schoolers over to Scottsville to visit a farm where some of their food comes from. Over at Need More Acres, they provide watermelons and other foods to the district throughout the year.

Michelle Howell, who owns the farm alongside her husband, told News 40 her and her husband started farming full time back in 2013 in order to further help educate the community on agriculture. Howell mentioned in her interview that “if more school systems bought locally grown food and more farmers grew locally grown food, you’d improve the health and economic health of your community.”

The kids did a walking tour through different parts of the farm and got their hands on some kale, baby carrots, some chickens and a look at grapes on the vine.

The field trips will take place over two weeks to make sure all BGISD elementary students are able to get a firsthand look at food before it hits the table.