Fant Foundation holds turkey giveaway

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At local Christ Assembly Church, the Fant Foundation gave away 150 turkeys, along with side items, to the community.

“I think it’s a very admirable thing, him doing that. I think it’s a very admirable thing from the Fant foundation.” said Leon Link, a volunteer directing traffic at tonight’s turkey give away.

Almost 200 cars lined up to receive thanksgiving meals courtesy of the Fant foundation, an organization created by George and Chastity Fant of Bowling Green and Franklin.

In an interview with Chastity Fant, WKU alumna and wife of George Fant, WKU alum and offensive tackle for the New York Jets, she said, “It’s very important for George to give back to the community, not just because of what people think but it’s the right thing to do. Why not give back? You’ve been blessed with an opportunity to do.”

Volunteers of all ages spent a few hours handing out turkeys and dressing, as well as directing traffic.

Link, who made sure the cars flowed safely outside, said in his interview, “I think it means a lot to them just knowing the fact that, you know, there is somebody out there that, you know, still cares about the community.”

Chastity Fant and church family, as well as volunteers, handed out birds galore to the community and plan to do so again in her hometown of Franklin, where they will give out another 150 meal kits to the community.

Chastity Fant ended her interview with saying they do a lot of things throughout the year and “we’re hoping to only do more and continue to grow as a foundation.”