Fancy Farm draws thousands for picnic and politics

FANCY FARM, Ky. – Fancy Farm is a town with a population that only reaches about 450. But every year, on the first Saturday in August, thousands flock to the town to take part in what is called the World’s Largest One Day Picnic. Serving as a fundraiser for the town, the Fancy Farm Picnic offers a variety of games, nearly 20,000 pounds of barbecue and the most prominent political speaking event in the entire state.

In Fancy Farm, the politicians are forced to deal with old school stump speaking.

“It’s all about competition and the ability to hold your own while you stand up there and speak,” said attendee Steven Elder. “That’s hard to do when the other side is chanting holding signs against ya or things like that so it’s fun to see them interact with the crowd and see if they can stay on point too. And if they can stand that heat and stand someone else yellin’ at yeah, you’d think they could be a pretty good leader.”

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke in Fancy Farm while having to endure the chants of “Moscow Mitch.”

Kentucky House Representative Richard Heath had his microphone cut off mid-speech for going over the allotted time.

While politicians from both sides of the aisle made their cases for many Kentucky state elections coming up, there were two speakers who got the biggest reactions Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin and his opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear.

“This is another fundraiser that was held this week. It was held by and for Andy Beshear,” Bevin said. “It was hosted by the guy that owns the only abortion clinic left in Kentucky. It was attended by the doctors that still kill children under the name of abortion in Kentucky.”

Beshear countered.

“He always talks about shoveling out a barn after a long winter,” Beshear said. “Well Governor, here in Kentucky, we don’t shovel barns, we muck stalls. And while you’re more show pony than work horse, you’ve left us a lot of manure. And the only thing we’re shoveling out of Frankfort this fall, is you, right out of town.”