Family Video announces company wide closure

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-It’s the end of an era, again.

While movie rental stores began shuttering years ago as the growth of online streaming services proliferated, one business, Family Video, clung to life like James Bond to the side of a helicopter in flight.

Tuesday, Family Video released a statement that after 42 years of business, the video rental chain will be shutting down and closing all of their locations.

In South-Central Kentucky, there were stores in Bowling Green and Glasgow.

A combination of Covid-19 impacting foot traffic and a lack of movie releases brought on this closure, according to the statement.

Some saw movie renting as a Friday night tradition, and are sad to see these stores close.

Matt Devore, a Family Video customer, enjoyed running into the store on a Friday night and perusing the rental movies, he said.

All Family Video locations are now selling all of their items, including fixtures. Stores will close individually once everything is sold.