Family thankful to Kentucky State Trooper who helped search for missing dogs

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A family in Warren County took to Facebook to thank a state trooper who helped search for their missing dogs.

Wednesday morning, the Duncan family let their dogs, Stella and Jack, outside to play, but when it was time to come in, they dogs were nowhere to be found.

The dogs owner, Bri Duncan, hopped in the car and began searching the side of the Interstate-165 for her dogs.

Kentucky State Trooper Mike Hatler spotted Duncan searching and decided to help her search.

Soon after, he showed up in her neighborhood continuing the search.

The sweet furry friends were both found safe and are at home with their family.

Hatler says, he once had a precious pet dalmatian go missing and he knew the fear Duncan was going through.

The Facebook post also thanked all law enforcement officers for their protection and service for even the little things they do in the community.