EXCLUSIVE: Fountain Row entertainment district logo & businesses revealed

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Introducing Fountain Row. 

“We are so excited to finally be able to release that it is going to be called Fountain Row as its official destination title,” said Telia Butler, Downtown Development Coordinator. 

The highly anticipated Entertainment Destination Center…which allows people to purchase and carry alcohol in downtown Bowling Green …finally has a name. 

The name is influenced partially by the fountains within the boundaries of the EDC, found in Fountain Square Park, Circus Square Park and the Hot Rods Stadium. 

It’s also a clever nod to the flowing libations inside the EDC. 

“It’s a marketing place on words. You wanna talk about your beer tap or your soda fountain or any kind of flowing, natural, water kind of feature,” said Butler. 

The Fountain Row logo, in the shape of an old soda or beer bottle, was carefully crafted to display the charming features that make downtown unique, like the historic lamps around the square. 

“Those gas lamps kind of guide the way for you when you’re looking for that nightlife or things to do and it’s one of those things where when you see the gas lamp you automatically associate it with it being warming, welcoming, inviting, hospitable,” said Butler. 

And finally…the Bowling Green businesses participating in Fountain Row have been revealed!


Businesses include:

Mellow Mushroom 



Cliffs of Moher

Alley Pub & Pizza

BG Pipe & Cigar

440 Main


The Office at 912




Hickory & Oak

Kentucky Grand Restaurant

The Derby

Soky Marketplace

Bowling Green Ballpark/Vette City Catering