EXCLUSIVE: Anonymous person returns missing sentimental sign after 10 months

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A vintage painted sign that has been missing for nearly a year was returned to the man who cherishes it, Broadway the Clown.

“Woah! You have got to be kidding me!” said Nick Wilkins, aka Broadway.

“How old is this?” asked Julie Milam, the WNKY general manager.

“Look. Gives me chills. 1998,” said Wilkins.

“How long has it been missing?” asked Milam.

“It’s been missing for 10 months,” said Wilkins.

Wednesday afternoon, an anonymous person dropped off the sign to the WNKY station and asked for it to be returned to the rightful owner.

The person then handed the sign over to WNKY’s general manager Julie Milam who called up Wilkins and got the sign back in his rightful clown hands the same night.

This sign means the world to Wilkins and when it went missing, he was devasted.

“At first, I thought, you know what, it’s OK. It’s just a sign. Then I got to thinking about it and it’s not just a sign. It’s an actual painting. I mean, it’s a painting of me, and the fact that David Atwood painted it and probably in less than a year after that they he passed away. He really took a lot of interest in putting, his heart was in the actual design and doing it,” said Wilkins.

In fact, the sign is 23 years old and is a painting of Nick Wilkins doing what he has done for 50 years, acting as a clown.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I’m out in the public that someone says, ‘Hey, did you get your sign back?’ and I say, ‘No, not yet,’ So I’m a very positive person and so I thought, well, one of these days it may show up and sure enough, here it is,” said Wilkins.

Wilkins was all smiles when he saw the sign once again.

“I’m glad you reached me right away,” said Wilkins.

“I’m glad you were available right away,” said Milam.

“Hey, I’m just clowning around,” said Wilkins.

If you notice the other half of the sign come down, don’t worry. Wilkson plans to take the sign down and touch up the paint before re-hanging the painting sometime in the next month.