Escaped inmate back in jail waiting for extradition hearing

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Sunday night police in Tennessee captured and arrested Benjamin Pedigo. Pedigo is now behind bars after Tennessee law enforcement authorities caught him at an address in Jamestown, Tenn.

He’s currently being held in Fentress County Jail and is awaiting extradition proceedings.

“There were two troopers that were pretty instrumental in catching him. One of them got a phone call from a source last night, talked to them and then contacted the authorities down there in Jamestown. It was at that point that they went to a residence and found him there,” said Trooper Jeremy Hodges, spokesman fir Kentucky State Police Post 3.

Warren County Regional Jailer Stephen Harmon said the staff member who was watching Pedigo the night he disappeared followed proper protocol.

“Even though he was upset, the employee that was supervising the crew of the three inmates when they took the trash out of the facility, he followed exactly the protocol. He called for help immediately, we notified state police and started our internal process. Everything happened as good as could be expected,” said Harmon.

Harmon said that tasks such as taking out the trash are not just chores, but actual privileges. It’s a privilege that Pedigo will likely not be getting again.

“When Mr. Pedigo comes back, he’ll be in the max security side of the facility obviously based on his charges. The state had classified him as someone that could work in the community, and so it is a privilege for class D inmates that are nonviolent offenders to be able to work inside the facility and out in the community,” said Harmon.

Pedigo was taking out the trash as part of a supervised three-man work crew when he escaped.

“Not only does that help places like Warren County parks and other places, but also it gives that inmate some work credit, and they also earn a very small wage that helps them while they’re doing their time. Unfortunately, there are times where that program gets taken advantage of,” Harmon said.

Harmon says Pedigo will likely be extradited back to Kentucky where he will face new charges related to the escape.