English Charity Debuts Vending Machines for Homeless

While many people are heading home for the holidays, millions around the world are spending Christmas on the streets.  In England, a charity has come up with an idea in shopping malls to help the homeless get back on their feet.  

Many people never see them, but the streets of Nottingham, England are filled with homeless people.

The charity, Action Hunger, is hoping to change things for people like 43-year-old Lee Crowden. The former drug addict is one of the first to use a vending machine for the homeless. It provides up to a hundred people with chips and chocolate bars, as well as healthy food and warm clothing.

The UK’s first vending machine for the homeless will be open 24 hours a day. They’ll be able to access items with a special key card, and it’s proving to be popular so far. The charity works with shelters to choose who gets a card.  Each can be used three times and people can ask for another.

Activist John Doddy says it gives the homeless a chance to help themselves.

There are plans to roll out more vending machines in other cities in Britain next year.