Energy efficiency tips to beat the extreme heat

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Escaping the brutal temperatures outdoors may have you reaching for the thermostat, but there’s a few things to remember before you lower the temperature

“The heat as we know it is making our air conditioners run harder. That’s mainly its just people keeping cool. That’s what we are worried about so that’s the main impact,” says Kim Phelps the Communications and Public Relations director at WRECC.

The heat can be extremely demanding, and it can require you to take on new responsibilities when it comes to your AC unit.

Officials also say “It’s always good to have you HVAC checked and make sure its running properly, because that helps makes it more energy efficient. Also make sure to have your filters changed that makes it run more efficiently.”

The way you take care of your air conditioner not only benefits you physically – it also helps financially.

According to Scott Brooks Media Relations Representative at TVA “For every degree that you turn up your thermostat you can save up to 3% on your power bill. If you could think of the difference between 74-75 and 78…that’s almost 10% savings just in that 3 or 4 degree difference…”Grid stability is what we call it in our space and that our top priority so we are making investments all year long to make sure that we can meet the power demand and we are ready to go when temperatures climb into the upper 90s.”

As the temperatures continue to climb close to the triple digits this week. Staff at the TVA are hard at work making sure that people stay safe. To learn more tips on how you can save visit .