Emancipation Celebration taking place in Russellville

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky.- This week, hundreds of people are gathering to experience and enjoy freedom. In parts of western Kentucky and Tennessee, Aug. 8 is being celebrated as Emancipation Day.

In Russellville, the community is throwing a celebration to commemorate the day that slaves gained their freedom. The Seek Museum is celebrating by uniting the city and giving the community fun, knowledge and food.

“The first thing that it means is family comes home. A lot of times, people want to get home for eighth of August, because you’ll see people that you haven’t seen in years, but it’s all about people coming together, comradery and having fun,” says Michael Morrow, the director of the Seek Museum.

The Emancipation Celebration is happening right now, and it will continue until the end of the week. For more information about what you can experience and enjoy, visit seekmuseum.org/.