Election Day in Warren County

It may just be one day, but for officials in Warren County it takes a lot of preparation to make sure the primary elections run smoothly.

For the Warren County Clerk planning for today’s election started back in January and she hopes the results show a high turnout rate.

“I am hoping given the representative races that we have, the interest in those … we have several spots, two or three spots that are opening up. So I am hoping we have more people and a higher voter turnout for it. So I am hoping we will at least have 35%, something like that, which is still low.” says Lynette Yates, the Warren County Clerk.

In Warren County alone there are 88 different precincts and 49 different voting locations.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to work those voting locations.

“We generally have to have about 360 election officers and that’s to fully staff it. We start out around 375 to 400 and by the time we get to election day we were scurrying yesterday just to try to fill some positions.” says Yates. 

For those volunteers the day started around 4:45 this morning, and the polls opened at 6am.

We have seen many people coming out to voting locations throughout the county today to cast their ballots to make sure their voices are heard.  

“This is our time. This is our only right to get out and vote for our voices to be heard. So we hope everyone does.” adds Yates.