Elderly Pizza Man Gets 12-Thousand Dollars From Tik Tok Fans

An 89-year-old pizza delivery man has become TikTok famous after a family gave a big tip for a pizza delivery. KSL's Alex Cabrero reports.

(KSL/ NBC NEWS) — An 89-year old man in Roy, Utah is “Tik Tok famous” after a family gives him a big tip for pizza delivery.

There’s plenty of places to get pizza, but for Carlos Valdez and his family, they choose Papa John’s. But’s it’s not just for the pizza.

The Valdezes say it’s because of their pizza delivery man Derlin Newey. They say Newey is so kind.

He even lets them record his deliveries for their Tik Tok videos, which has become pretty popular with their 53-thousand fans.

It’s so popular, fans and the Valdezes raised 12-thousand dollars to give Newey a big delivery tip.

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