Earning votes the hard way

(KGW/NBC News) City council candidate David Regan went above and beyond to earn the votes of two of his Vancouver, Washington neighbors Saturday.

Regan was campaigning door-to-door when it stopped at the home of Cora Ann and Bill Davis.

Cora Ann was listening to David’s pitch when they heard Bill call out for help.

“Just at the close of our conversation we started hearing her husband just yelling and screaming for help,” Regan recalls.

Bill, 90-years-old and on blood thinners, had fallen and hit his head.

Regan rushed in to help.

“Huge puddle of blood on the floor, my heart sank and stopped,” he says.

Regan wrapped Bill’s head in gauze and applied pressure while Cora Ann called 911.

“That saved my life,” Bill Davis says.

“I chalk it up to God – I feel like the Lord put me in the right place at the right time,” Regan says.

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