Early voting starts- 2 magistrates on ballot no longer in running

WARREN CO., Ky.- Today kicked off early voting in Kentucky. And now, Kentuckians can vote with no restrictions because of House Bill 564 passed earlier this year. 

“Allowing early voting is huge for so many families I’m sure,” said Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates. 

However, this year the candidates for Warren County magistrates aren’t entirely accurate. 

“It’s very confusing, we totally understand,” said Yates. 

Due to a filing error, Sandy Jones Boussard and Shawn Helbig had to drop out of the race for magistrate in their respective districts. But this comes so close to the primary that their names will still be on the ballet.  

Boussard has filed the paperwork to withdraw, but Helbig has yet to do so…this leaves the Clerk’s Office unable to announce his withdrawal.

“We’ve actually had questions at several of our vote centers wanting to know if he had withdrawn and we had nothing posted like we did the other candidate. Until he has officially withdrawn from that race, we can’t post anything, we can’t say anything, he is officially still on the ballot. Which I think is very confusing for the voters and I think it’s unfortunate that he didn’t come in,” said Yates. 

Keep this in mind when you vote…votes for Boussard and Helbig won’t be counted. 

Early voting continues until Saturday…giving people plenty of time to beat the lines before primary election day, May 17th.

“I wanted to kind of beat the rush. And I believe I did. It was very easy, painless,” said early voter Gary West. 

“It was convenient, I was here in the neighborhood. I always like to vote,” said early voter Leon Volkert. 

“I just wanted to get it out of the way and I was out and about today running errands and I thought why not. Came in, it was so organized, have your driver’s license ready, and they got me in quick and out quick,” said early voter Janice Bedo.