Drive thru flu clinics held across the region by health department

EDMONTON, Ky. – Officials are highly recommending the public get vaccinated for the flu this year and the local health department is making access to flu shots easy.

The Barren River District Health Department is holding drive through clinics around Southcentral Kentucky to encourage the public to get their flu shots.

Thursday’s clinic was held in Metcalfe County.

Over the past two weeks, the health department has held these clinics in Hart, Simpson, Butler and Logan counties.

Health department officials say keeping the flu at bay this year may be more important than ever before because of the pandemic.

Chip Kraus, the health department public health services coordinator, says these clinics also serve as a practice for when the COVID-19 vaccine is released and can be administered to the public.

“This is the way for the local health department and the local EMS (Emergency Medical Services) to prepare so that whenever we do have a vaccine for the COVID we are going to be able to give that out. It’s just a way for us to know how to do that so that whenever it does come time for us to give out vaccinations, we’ll be ready and know what to do,” said Kraus.

Kraus also believes the COVID regulations may make this flu season more mild but, because catching both viruses at once could be more dangerous, he highly recommends being extra cautious.

“I think the health precautions people are taking because of COVID is going to keep our flu rates down but we want to be safe than sorry. So that is why we are doing the flu shot just to make sure that people can be protected.

There will be a flu shot clinic is Warren County Oct. 28 and in Edmonson County on Oct. 29, both starting at 9 a.m.