Downtown Bowling Green gets a face lift

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The popular area of Fountain Square Park is getting a makeover. As part of a multi-year project, the pedestrian connections between Circus Square and Fountain Square parks will be updated with new safe sidewalks. The goal is to make the area more accessible to those with disabilities, and  to make the area more attractive.

“All the area really needs is some tender love and care right now. It just needs some attention. We’re about to really make it look nice down here and make it a great place to come down even foot traffic wise. Hopefully enrich business down here and encourage people to come down here some more,” said Fountain Square Park site superintendent Cole Murphy.

The renovation also extends to the Morris Alley area, which will be rebuilt as Music Alley, Bowling Green. Public works director Greg Meredith said this $4-million project will be beneficial to business in the area.

“We’ve committed to keeping all the businesses open, keeping access continually for them during the day. All the businesses will be open the whole time,” said Meredith.

The renovations will not only make the area more pleasing to the eye, but also safer.

“The lighting will be increased and improved. It’ll make people more comfortable walking there at night. It’s about connectivity, it’s about functionality, and it’s about the overall look of downtown. It’s time for a face lift,” said Meredith.

March or April of the year 2020 is the contract completion date.