Doggy Easter egg hunt huge success!

The Barkmore

BOWLING GREEN, Ky – Apparently… hunting for Easter eggs isn’t just for the kids.

Plenty of dogs big and small put their sense of smell to the test today to hunt down a few treats!

This was the scene earlier today at The Barkmore… a new boarding and doggie day care center in Bowling Green.

The doggy daycare managers say that today’s hunt with scent filled eggs is an excellent exercise with a stimulating and adorable activity for the holiday.

At The Barkmore Doggy day care pups big and small got a special start to Easter. Furry friends chased around eggs with yummy smells around the yard with their friends. 

The Barkmore daycare manager Bailey Stauffer said, “They’re chasing the eggs and breaking them and showing their little friends the prizes that they found, and they’re just hanging out with their buddies!”

The dogs get to go home with a homemade cupcake and Easter bandana so they can be picture ready on Sunday.