Does the vaccine protect me against Covid variants?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- With multiple strains of Covid-19 circulating in all 50 states of the U.S., health professionals are reminding the public how important it is to get your vaccine. 

Melinda Joyce, Corporate Director of Med Center Health says that the Covid-19 vaccines all adequately protect against the variants. The variants include the UK variant, the Brazil variant, the South African variant, and the double-mutant variant. 

Joyce said the strains seem to be targeting different groups, including people who are younger, otherwise healthy, or not vaccinated. 

She said this is not good as the cases tend to be more severe, even resulting in hospitalization. She again says it’s crucial to get your vaccine. 

“The vaccine will help in preventing the transmission from person to person. Also at the same time, as you know the way the vaccine works is if you are exposed to Covid and you do become sick, then the vaccine is going to help decrease the symptoms that you would have. A lot of times the symptoms if you were to get sick would be very very mild,” said Joyce. 

She also said the term “variant” shouldn’t make people panic- but it’s something you need to take very seriously.