Discover Cuba at the Kentucky Museum

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- The Arte Cubano exhibit recently opened at the Kentucky Museum to give the public a glimpse into Cuban culture. Not only will the exhibit bring another level of diversity to the museum, but it also gives people the chance to see Cuban culture for themselves. Due to a long, complicated history between the United States and Cuba, U.S. citizens couldn’t travel there until recently. Travel to Cuba can still be cost prohibitive to many people, which is why exhibits such as these are important to tell the country’s story.

Museum director Brent Bjorkman said the story of Cuban culture can be told well through art.

“I think people are intrigued by Cuba. I think they’re kind of uncertain what it’s about, what are the people like? What are their sensibilities? How do they see the world through their own lenses? When we share the lens of an artist, you can kind of get a flavor on what real life is like,” Bjorkman said.

In addition to giving visitors the Cuban experience, collections curator Sandy Staebell says having the Arte Cubano exhibit will also allow the Kentucky Museum to utilize an effective approach to giving visitors an educational adventure to a place they otherwise may not learn about.

“Part of our mission is to broaden cultural experiences for students and for visitors in general. Many people can’t go to Cuba.  Many of our students can’t go to Cuba, but they can come to the Kentucky museum and see the kind of art that Cubans are currently creating today,” Staebell said.

Through art, visitors will see that Cuba brings a layer of diversity and creativity that can’t come from anywhere else.

“I think the fact that Cuba has been a communist country for so long, students may have an image of Cuba as this grim place. If you look at their art, it’s very exciting. It looks like an interesting country to go visit and learn more about,” Staebell said.

Arte Cubano will be included in the lineup of the Museum Gallery Hop on March 15, where it will be unveiled to the public along with three other new exhibits.