Dentist provides day of free dental care

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Dental care is a vital necessity to overall health but for many people, even those who have dental insurance, the cost is often out of reach. That leads to people putting off dental care or skipping it entirely which can result in tooth loss, gum disease and other more serious, health conditions.

Friday dental health providers at Chandler Park Dental Care donated their time to people who needed dental care during the ninth annual Smile From the Heart Event. Patients lined up outside in the cold and sat on hay bales as they wanted their turn.

This event gives the dentists a chance to reach out a helping hand to those who may have a hard time receiving dental care. dentist Eli Jackson said he originally got the idea of free dental service from a friend in Oklahoma.

“About 11 years ago, we went out and helped another friend at a similar event in Oklahoma. We did that two years in a row, and we just felt a calling that we knew our community could use and needed something like this. It’s been going strong ever since,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the event brings in roughly 250 to 275 patients each year and takes a large financial commitment from many people to make the free day of dental care possible.

“We’re very lucky. We have a lot of volunteers and people that donate money to help pay for supplies. Logistically, it costs a lot of money, but fortunately we have very good friends that are willing to share and help us pay for it,” Jackson said.