Demonstration at Justice Center marks third night of protests in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Marking a long weekend of protests of recent incidences of police brutality, a group assembled peacefully at the Warren County Justice Center Sunday night.

One attendee, Anthony Walkerel, said he feels good seeing people of different ethnic backgrounds come together to protest the act of brutality in Minnesota.

Other attendees held signs proclaiming “We will not forget” and referencing George Floyd’s statement that he was unable to breathe while being held by police. Floyd died while being arrested. The arresting officer has been charged with his death.

Sunday night’s demonstration was held without any reports of violence. A march held Saturday night in downtown Bowling Green was also without any episodes of violence while Friday evening’s demonstration was marred by the driver of an automobile striking a protester on Kentucky Street. The driver was arrested.

The demonstration itself was held without any violence from the protesters in stark contrast to protests throughout the country during which violence and looting occurred in other cities such as Nashville and Louisville.