Death Investigations up by 152 in Warren County

Bowling Green, KY (WNKY-TV) – 2016 was a busy year for the Warren County Coroner’s Office, as there were 152 more death investigations than in 2015, which the coroner says is the result of population growth. The 2016 end of the year report shows a total of 851 death cases. 4 of those are homicides, which is double the number in 2015. There were also 19 drug overdose deaths and 12 auto-related deaths. Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby told WNKY news that these numbers do fluctuate from year to year. He says that while these reports are tragic, he believes the numbers can help bring about change and awareness, especially if there is a certain category of death that seems to be abnormally high in the county.

"We think that education is a lot of this. If we find somewhere that is not working such as drownings at Barren River. There was people from other countries here who didn’t know about the currents and we put signs up in their languages and we haven’t had any other drownings. There are a lot of causes that we can correct so we try to do that and it’s good for the community," said Warren County Coroner Kevin Kirby.