DEADLY new purple and blue fentanyl on rise in KY

WC Drug Task Force says they're laced into opioids & more

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – In Kentucky and Tennessee, a new type of drug trafficking is on the rise. Officials have indicted people for selling, importing and trafficking purple fentanyl. 

The Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force says while they haven’t seen purple fentanyl in the county, a new blue colored pill laced with fentanyl is here, disguised as hydrocodone or oxycodone tablets.

Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force’s director Tommy Loving said, “It’s laced with fentanyl. There is no quality control. You may be getting two or three times the dose and overdose. Without Narcan or someone there, you become another overdose case.’’

Loving says the  seized a little over 4,500 fentanyl tablets in Warren county last year… and this year already over 2,500. 

Apparently, criminals are getting creative. The task force has seized fentanyl mixed in with anything from cocaine, to marijuana, meth, or sold as pure white powder here, many driven in from Nashville or Louisville, according to Loving. 

No matter what color of the rainbow the drugs may be, authorities say these drugs are deadly. 

“We’ve had police officers handle a cellphone with fentanyl residue on it. Just in touching it without gloves it absorbs through the skin, and that could cause the officer or any individual to overdose. It’s that deadly,” said Loving. “The bad thing is we’re probably seizing less than 10 percent of it if only if we’re lucky. I’m probably giving you a high number.”