Danny’s Pasta Co. & Focacciaria open in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Daniel Gonzalez is a culinary artist that is bringing his passion of Italian food to Bowling Green.

In an interview with News 40, Gonzalez said after graduating from the Art Institute of Tennessee -Nashville, he went to work in Switzerland for some time and dabbled in French cuisine. While he was in Europe, he studied in Italy as well and came to fall in love with the flavorful food of the country and the rest is history.

Gonzalez opened up his small scale eatery in hopes of one day opening a larger restaurant and is doing his best to remain as authentic as possible, saying he wants to do justice by those in Italy who taught him everything he knows. Gonzalez said he even goes back to Italy a couple times a year just to remain sharp.

The chef pretty much makes everything in house including the sauce, noodles and bread. The little shop located just a bit off the square is where he’s expressing his passion for food, saying “it’s more than just taking a bite and swallowing, it’s everything else. How it tastes, how it makes you feel…” and “it’s really about putting love into your food… if you don’t love what you do, it’s going to show.”