Daniel Cameron in Glasgow on campaign trail

GLASGOW KENTUCKY – Daniel Cameron visited the square in Glasgow to speak with supporters on his way to the polls this November.

News 40 was on the scene and asked Cameron a few questions that have been buzzing around, namely the investigation into Andy Beshear’s campaign, Cameron’s own campaign and the childcare crisis here in the commonwealth.

When asked about the FBI investigation into Beshear’s campaign, Cameron said, “We simply referred it to the FBI and they make the final decisions…”

News 40 then asked about the restoration of voting rights to convicted felons. Cameron said he would ask the General Assembly about “what that would ultimately look like.”

There have been a few questions about Cameron’s campaign surrounding receiving money from executives from Edgewater. Edgewater has been under investigation since 2022 by Cameron’s office. Cameron said, “As soon as we figured out they were under investigation, we stopped all conversation with Edgewater about fundraising, and when they contributed funds we returned those…”

News 40 finished the line of inquiry with a question about childcare. Many Kentuckians are fearful of rising costs of childcare with federal funding from the pandemic soon running out, to which Cameron said he and his wife have an 18-month-old, and childcare, as well as a strong educational system, are something important to him.