Cumberland Trace PTA starting a playground fundraiser

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- June of last year, the Warren County School District broke ground on a new Cumberland Trace Elementary school.

While the district is paying for the school’s construction, the playground is different story.

“When we open the new school in the year 2021, one of our big responsibilities is to fund a playground. Those funds fall directly onto the school to be able to make that happen. In our case, that falls on our PTA,” said Cumberland Trace Elementary School principal Wes Cottongim.

The Cumberland Trace Parent Teacher Association is ready to raise the needed funds, brick by brick.

A brick fundraiser was started by the PTA. Each brick can be engraved with a personalized message of the buyer’s choice. The brick will then become part of the new school. The idea came up to not only raise money, but also to give everyone including parents, alumni, and even students a chance to leave their mark.

“This is a great opportunity for you to help your student leave a legacy and have a permanent legacy on the new Cumberland Trace school,” said Cumberland Trace Parent Teacher Association member Jessica Byers.

The Parent Teacher Association took a swing at crafting a potential design, and they hope to make the experience state of the art for the students.

“I’m actually part of the playground committee too, so we’ve met with a lot of playground vendors, met with our teachers and students and gotten their feedback on what they want to see in a new playground, and we’ve finally nailed it down to a drawing,” Byers said.

As the new school gets closer and closer to completion, Cottongim said the school won’t let money be a brick wall in the process.

“When we get the new building, we’re really excited about all the new possibilities and the room that we’re going to have. It’s an exciting time for our kids most importantly,” Cottongim said.

The new playground costs around $150,000. As of now the PTA has raised less than half the needed funds.

If you would like to personalize a brick, the website to do so can be found here.