Crews tackle massive trash pile fire

(WSAV/NBC News) Crews are working to extinguish a trash fire that has been smoldering for weeks at a South Carolina recycling facility.

Late Monday afternoon, crews contracted by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health and Environmental Control began digging into mountain of garbage.

Excavators began pulling out burned rubble as they shot water on the smoldering holes left behind.

The EPA is now in charge of the entire situation after signs of the toxic chemical Acrolein was found in air quality tests.

Acrolein can be toxic to people who breathe it in or if it gets into their skin. Small particles can be inhaled and get into the lungs.

On-scene coordinator Mark Huyser says the biggest concern is the smoke in the air.

“What we want the community to be aware of is the smoke coming off the pile because it is not just affecting the residents that have been displaced or the businesses that are nearby but its observed and affects the community at large,” explains Huyser.

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