County asks residents to be safe with fireworks

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – We’re coming up on the Fourth of July, a major summer holiday and officials in Warren County believe more people will be lighting fireworks at home due to the cancellation of events like Thunderfest.

That means people need to know how to use them the safe and legal way.

Every year, people visit emergency departments across the nation to be treated for burns from the fireworks along with injuries to their eyes. Some people also lose fingers or worse, are killed from fireworks.

The fireworks you can use have to be classified as “consumer fireworks” and many times you can see a local permit posted in the store or tent where they’re being sold.

Doug Gorman, a Warren County magistrate and the president of Booth Fire and Safety, says it’s important to not hold fireworks while they’re being lit or afterward, but use a stick lighter to put space between yourself and the firework.

There are also laws that govern when you can set those fireworks off. In Bowling Green, you can’t set fireworks off after 10 p.m., except on July 4 and on that day you can’t set them off after midnight.

Also, people have to be 18 or older to buy or use fireworks.