Construction companies seeing a significant rise in thefts recently

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Local construction companies are noticing a significant increase in thefts at their sites.

You may have noticed the price of lumber has skyrocketed over the past year and is harder to get ahold of.

With that increase, construction sites are getting hit with thieves more often than before, according to one local general contractor.

“It just adds insult to injury. You’ve got a product that you are trying to be as efficient with as possible for the end user and at the same time its stolen. So, you have to get through the process of repurchasing, resourcing that material. That just creates a time issue as well as frustration on the contractor side as well as the owner side,” he said.

He estimates the thefts have gone up 500%.

Recently, a local construction company has had over $10,000 worth of theft losses in just the past two month, including the theft of a vehicle.

Lumber, planted trees, tools and other items have been stolen recently, according to Warren County Sheriff Brett Hightower.

“We attribute that not only just to the opportunity of maybe so many homes and people not necessarily living within that neighborhood yet or around those homes and the price of lumber has increased so much in the past year that people are stealing that for their own needs,” Hightower said.

This issue hurts local businesses and local workers in the area, but some of the incidents have been caught on camera.

The sheriff’s office has already caught some of the thieves and are working to identify suspects in each case.

Hightower asks people living or working near worksites to pay attention to the area and report anything that may seem suspicious.